The eviscerator is used to remove the crown pulp and the necrotic part of the gingiva during pulp treatment.

Product Information

Product name: Excavators

Octagonal shank overall type: E1; E2. E3. E4. E5. E6, round handle head handle assembly type: R1; R2; R3. R4. R5. R6. KEXC17; KEXC18.

Product Details of Excavators

A manual instrument consisting of a handle and two working ends, made of stainless steel. Reusable.

The knife edge of the product is slightly sharp, and the doctor can take advantage of the small edge when operating, which can be extended to a deeper place for picking operation.

Quality Standard Parameter of Excavators

  • Appearance without sharp edges, burrs and cracks

  • The edge should be micro sharp, no gap, volume mouth

  • Hardness of 510-620HV, sufficient strength and good corrosion resistance.

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