Double Door Lock System Steam Sterilizer C18-LCD

The autoclave adopts computer control, which is easy to operate and easy to operate. Its real-time display of all data during the sterilization cycle. The software program provides automatic diagnosis to prevent overheating or overpressure, thereby ensuring the reliability of the sterilization results. The built-in and external old water collection system prevents the exhaust of waste steam and keeps the machine clean and safe.

Parameters of Double Door Lock System Steam Sterilizer C18-LCD

Specification & Material

  • European B standard

  • LCD display

  • 121 /134

  • 17L

  • Built-in USB

  • B&D /Helix test program

  • Leak Test program

  • Double door lock system, more reliable

  • Open water tank

  • size: 585*440*370mm

Advantages of Double Door Lock System Steam Sterilizer C18-LCD

1. Nice design and friendly operation interface

2. Open-type water reservoir

1)Open-type water tank, easy to clean.

2)Big capacity:3.5L clean water tank, 5L waste water tank.

3)With water quality sensor, detect water quality.

3. Stainless steel 304 one piece chamber, no welding.

4. Cleaning function: Every 100cycle machine remind cleaning cycle. B&D indicator and LEAK indicator flashing. Press SELECT for 5S, B&D and LEAK indicator goes on. Press START to start cleaning.

5.Drying time adjustable Adjust the drying time depend on instruments. Before start the cycle, press DRY button, select drying time. Default drying time is 10Min. You can choose 1min or 5min. It's most efficiency way for no need dried instrument.

6.Testing function

1)B&D test, steam penetrability testing.

2)LEAK test(Leakage), test the seal performance of chamber.

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