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Dental Fiber & E-generator Handpiece

Dental fiber Fiber & E-generator Handpiece adopts Germany imported bearing shaft, good quality and long life, patent dust prevention mechanism movement, effectively prevent impurities, longer life, three point spray three point spray, cooling atomization effect is good

Description of Dental Fiber & E-generator Handpiece

  • Titanium body: Titanium surface treatment, prevent scratches and achieve durable use.

  • LED high quality lighting: Led light, 30000lux Luminance, perfect and natural white light. The use life of LED light is 10 times longer than the traditional light. And it will not be overheating after long time operation and can be sterilized.

  • Light guide glass rod: Under all kinds of conditions, the durable light guide glass rod can emit a good light but not dazzling light clearing showing the lighting operation area, is the best fiber lighting in the market.

  • Chucking and locking system: The most accurate chucking and rotating technology for burs to create the most stable operation.

  • Ceramic bearing: Longer service life, higher accuracy, lower noise, less vibration!

  • Water spray system: Three point spray, three way suction-prevent head ( 6 points) or four points spray, four way suction-prevent head ( 8 points).

  • Anti-overheating button: It reduces the risk of patient was burnt by the head of high speed handpiece to make sure the operating comfort and patient's safety.

  • Pushing button to replace burs: Push-button lock system, simply press a button, you can easily replace the burs and ensure that a strong and accurate lock.

  • Quick Coupling: Free rotation brings the best working comfort. Due to the use of flexible and light rotating quick-coupling, you will enjoy the daily work.

  • Super mute, with perfect radian design, Strong torsion Option: E-generator coupling

How To Disinfect Dental Handpieces

  • Cleaning: There will be debris left in the dental mobile phone during work, which affects the speed. Use the mobile phone cleaner to clean it after work

  • Ultrasonic cleaning: After removing the dirt, put the dental handpiece in the ultrasonic cleaner for ultrasonic cleaning

  • Drying: After ultrasonic cleaning, wipe the surface dry and blow dry the pipe with a high-pressure air gun

  • Lubrication and maintenance: The rotational speed of the dental handpiece during work is 400,000-1,000,000 rpm, so lubrication becomes very important. Lubrication is required once a day during a lot of work (Note: When using dental handpiece cleaner, try not to touch the dental handpiece tube to avoid hardening of the dental handpiece tube)

  • Packing: Pack and seal the dental handpiece in the sealed pocket

  • High-pressure disinfection: strictly control the sterilization temperature, pressure, and time, and mark the disinfection time and effective time (expiration time). Sterilization time exceeding the specified time can damage the airtight rubber ring and the bead sleeve of the bearing and other parts

  • Suggested time: 20 minutes

  • Suggested temperature: 135 degrees

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