Dental Chisels

A cutting tool consisting of a shank and a cutting head having a beveled sharp edge. Reusable.

Product Usage of Dental Chisels

Used in oral surgery to chisel bone or break bone connections.

Model: E1; E2; E3; E4; E5; E6

Product Advantage of Dental Chisels

  • High hardness

  • Sharp edge of the product

  • Product assembly structure head and handle connected firmly

  • good corrosion resistance

Matters Needing Attention of Dental Chisels

Equipment cleaning and disinfection must comply with the provisions of the state and relevant departments.
Never use disinfectants containing chloride ions on metal equipment, or they will cause permanent damage to the equipment.
A certain corrosion inhibitor should be added to the disinfectant when soaking and disinfecting.

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