Bone Chisels

It is a cutting tool, composed of a shank and a cutter head, the cutter head is a beveled sharp edge. Reusable.

Scope of application

It is used during oral surgery to chisel bone or break bone connections.


1-4#  R1;R2;R3;R4;R5;R6;R15;R20;R25;R30

Choose a bone chisel based on the part of the tooth that needs to be treated

Main Performance Parameters of Bone Chisels

  • There are no edges, burrs and cracks except the cutting edge

  • Good hardness and corrosion resistance.

  • Surface roughness requirement: the cutting edge should not be greater than 3.2um, other parts should not be greater than 0.4um, except the handle flower

Product Maintenance And Maintenance of Bone Chisels

  • Before, during and after the use of the product, attention should be paid to protecting the product from collision damage

  • The product must be cleaned, disinfected and dried immediately after use.

Disinfection Method of Bone Chisels

This product is non-sterilizing packaging, and shall be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized in accordance with relevant effective national standards(WS310.2)before use.

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