Aspirating Syringes

It is supplied to the single-use needle-less injection system for subcutaneous needle-less injection

Product Structure of Aspirating Syringes

  • The Aspirating syringes is assembled by needle interface, needle cylinder, push rod tip, retaining ring, handle, spring and other parts

  • When the Aspirating syringes is working, it can be injected as long as the handle is pushed

Method Of Use

Pull the handle to make the tip of the push rod back to the top, put the special medicine bottle in the syringe, and then gently put the handle to make the tip of the push rod stand against the medicine bottle, and then rotate the needle to gently push the handle can achieve the purpose of injection

Product Storage of Aspirating Syringes

Products should be stored in a room with no more than 80%relative humidity, no corrosive gases and good ventilation.

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