Apical Elevators

It is used to pry the teeth loose, pry the root, residual root, broken root tip.

Model of Apical Elevators

Octagonal handle integral: E1; E2. E3. E5. E6, hollow round handle assembly type: R1; R2; R3. R5. R6, Hexagon hollow handle assembly type: HS1; HS2; HS3; HS5; HS6, octagonal hollow handle assembly type: HE1; HE2. HE3; HE5; HE6

Product Performance Structure And Composition of Apical Elevators

The overall structure of the product is made of 40Cr13 material specified in GB/T1220. The head of the head handle assembly structure is made of Cr13-Mo material in GB/T1220, and the  handle is made of 12Cr18Ni9 material. The surface of hexagonal hollow handle and octagonal hollow handle is passivated.The surface of octagonal handle is chrome plated.

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