Amalgam Alloy Capsules

Amalgam Alloy capsule is a capsule made of silver alloy powder and high-purity mercury in a certain proportion. Its purpose is to solve the problem of inaccurate mixing ratio and mercury pollution on site.

Specification of Amalgam Alloy Capsules

  1. Spill 1/2: 200mg(white cap), 50pcs/box

  2. Spill 1: 400mg(Yellow cap), 50pcs/box

  3. Spill 2: 600mg(Blue cap), 50pcs/box

  4. Spill 3: 800mg( Red cap), 50pcs/box

Feature of Amalgam Alloy Capsules

  1. Good bio compatibility and operability.

  2. Good filling effects

  3. Low shrinkage

  4. Good sealing effect without looseness, falling off or breaking.

  5. The patients have no uncomfortable feeling during therapy.

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