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How to Correctly Use a Dental Assisting Simulations System?

Dental assisting simulations system provides a simulated clinical teaching platform for dental students. This not only helps to improve students' learning enthusiasm, reinforces their theoretical knowledge, cultivates their clinical thinking ability, but also greatly enhances the pre-clinical practical operation skills of dental students. After training with realistic human head models, students will significantly improve their mastery of theoretical knowledge and their proficiency in intraoral operations will also significantly increase. Next, we will introduce the dental assisting simulations system usage methods.

Dental Assisting Simulations System Usage Preparation

Pour clean purified or distilled water into the clean water bottle.

Take the footswitch out of the storage position and place it in an appropriate location.

Turn on the main power switch of the system, the main air switch, and the water switch in sequence. When you hear a beep, it indicates that the power is on, and the yellow indicator light is on.

Place the hanger on the left or right hand position according to the user's habitual hand use.

Press the control panel to adjust the shoulder body to a suitable position and adjust the head's universal joint handle to the appropriate position.

Dental Assisting Simulations System Operation Methods

Take the handset from the hanger and lightly press the footswitch to rotate the handset.

Toggle the water control switch on the footswitch to the right, and the handset will start spraying mist.

Adjust the water fine-tuning valve in front of the practice device to adjust the water spray volume from the handset as needed. Turning the water fine-tuning valve clockwise decreases the water volume, and turning it counterclockwise increases the water volume.

Take the three-way syringe from the hanger, press the switch, and it can spray water, air, or mist as needed.

Take the saliva ejector from the hanger and it will work to suction out the accumulated water in the adult mask.

Dental Assisting Simulations System Post-Use Cleanup

Use the three-way syringe to spray water or mist to clean the dirt on the model and the inner wall of the mask.

Use the saliva ejector to suction away the dirty water in the mask. Also, use the three-way syringe to inject about 100ml of clean water into the mask, and then use the saliva ejector to suction it away again, to clean the inner wall of the hose. The accumulated water should be discharged into the waste water bottle.

Turn off the water switch, remove the clean water and waste water bottles, empty the water from the bottles, and then place the empty bottles back to their original positions.

Wipe clean the dirt on the tray, shoulder body, and system shell.

Press the control panel switch, adjust the equipment back to the storage position. Place the hanger and footswitch back in the storage position.

Turn off the main water, main air switches, and the main power switch in sequence.


When replacing clean and waste water, please first turn off the water pressure switch, and please note that the water in the clean and waste water bottles needs to be replaced simultaneously. Do not fill the clean water bottle to full capacity.

When filling the clean water bottle, use purified or distilled water, prohibiting the use of dirty water with impurities.

If not using the dental assisting simulations system for a long time, please clean the accumulated water in the clean and waste water bottles, turn off the power supply, remove the high and low speed handsets, cover the simulation head model with a dust cover, and protect the equipment.

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