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How to Clean Dental Loupes?

1. What are dental loupes?

Clinics or hospital stomatology departments that introduce dental magnifiers are generally used by all staff. As everyone's treatment of teeth becomes more and more refined, the requirements are getting higher and higher, so dentists need the help of a magnifying glass to see many details. Dental magnifiers can allow doctors to see more clearly and operate more accurately.

2. The benefits of using dental loupes

Technicians who repair mechanical watches wear a single-eyed magnifying glass, otherwise they cannot clearly see the small parts inside the mechanical watch. In many cases, the affected part of the teeth in the oral cavity is smaller than the parts in a mechanical watch. It is often easy to miss the part that should be treated with naked eyes. The use of dentist magnifying glasses can avoid omissions to a large extent, and it is easy to build a trusting relationship with patients.

Dental loupes can help improve treatment efficiency and performance. The treatment site can be seen clearly, eliminating redundant operations. For example, when whitening teeth, placing an ultrasonic scaler too close to the tooth surface can damage the tooth surface. However, under the condition of a magnifying glass, the scaler can only stay on the part of the dental calculus accurately, so as to avoid damage to the tooth surface. Treatment is performed only where needed, so treatment time is shortened, saving time for both physicians and patients.

Dental loupe can maintain good posture, in order to focus the magnifier on the affected part, it is natural to maintain good posture. As long as it is 1cm away from the affected part, the foam splashed from the patient's mouth will also be significantly reduced, which is also beneficial to the physician's hygienic state. Moreover, maintaining a good posture can also reduce the occupational diseases of the physician's lumbar spine and lumbar spine.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of dental loupe

In addition to all the essentials mentioned above, you should also consider the material of manufacture, one that will not deteriorate with water, because not only is it important to know how to choose a magnifier from a reliable dental instrument manufacturer, but it is also important to maintain these dental loupes well to make them fully operational. Therefore, it is recommended to:

Clean dental loupes with soft disposable wipes or paper towels, water or 70% alcohol. Clean the frame, mounts, binoculars and all other parts. For dental loupes, use a cotton or chamois cloth and use a lens cleaner to gently clean the lenses. Remember not to immerse in water or any other liquid or abrasive product. Repeat the process after each patient with a protective screen that gives you better protection from splashes.

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