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Disposable Dental Handpieces Are Popular in the Traditional Market

Ⅰ. Overview of disposable dental handpieces

Disposable dental handpiece is the most important part of oral treatment and one of the necessary tools for dentists. It belongs to the second-class medical equipment, which has changed the expensive process of traditional handpieces made of metal, and is used for pluggable fixed rotors.

The working principle and performance are exactly the same as those of traditional non-disposable dental handpieces. It completely replaces traditional handpieces in clinical practice, and solves the problems that traditional handpieces are difficult to sterilize, high in cost and patients are worried about.

Ⅱ. Disposable dental handpieces are madly in the traditional market

The dental handpiece, which plays an extremely important role in oral health, has played a pivotal role in the field of oral diagnosis and treatment since its introduction.

However, with the advancement of science and technology, people's understanding of dental handpieces has been further deepened, and they are worried about the status quo of "repeated use", "incomplete disinfection and sterilization", and "cross-infection". adverse health effects.

The widespread existence of this social phenomenon has brought it to the forefront as a medical device that solves health problems for the people.

Faced with this situation, many hospitals and private clinics have to reveal the truth of the matter. The cleaning and disinfection instruments used are expensive, and the effect is not ideal because of the structure of the dental handpiece itself. For this response, patients did not pay the bill, and this result eventually plunged dental practice into a period of cold war.

At a time when the development of this industry is in crisis, the disposable dental handpiece with "main gas check" and "anti-suction" appeared in the market. And with its own advantages of "low price and high quality", it quickly swept the traditional dental handpiece and became the first choice of major hospitals and clinics.

Compared with traditional dental handpieces, "main gas check" and "anti-suction" disposable dental handpieces have a broader market, which are mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

1. One person, one machine, one use, no cross infection

The "disposable dental handpiece" produced by the new process has no shortage of functions compared with the traditional dental handpiece, and some technical indicators even exceed the traditional dental handpiece.

And because of the improvement of its production efficiency, the disposable dental handpiece has a lower price, making it possible to achieve "disposable", thus ensuring the "one person, one machine" in the national standard;

In addition, its unique "main gas check" and "anti-suction" functions completely eliminate cross-infection and ensure the safety and health of patients!

2. Under the guarantee of safety, patients' demand for it increases

The disposable dental handpiece with "main gas check" and "anti-return suction" guarantees safety, so that the anxiety of oral patients can be completely put down, and there is no need to worry about being invaded by the virus remaining in the dental handpiece because of looking at the dental body, resulting in cross infection , endangering itself.

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