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Cleaning and Maintenance of Dental Handpiece

I. The treatment of dental handpiece after use

After using the dental handpiece and with the dental bur, you can use the water and gas system of the dental comprehensive treatment table to flush the internal waterway and gas path of the dental handpiece for at least 30 seconds, so as to eliminate a large number of pollutants in the pipeline.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that dental handpiece should be rinsed before the first patient and between two patients every day to minimize bacteria that may enter the dental canal via the handpiece suction during treatment. You can idle the dental handpiece connected to the channel of the treatment table for several minutes, so that the ejected water and air flow can wash the inside of the dental handpiece and flush out the suction substance.

When cleaning, the dental implant handpiece with removable parts should be disassembled for cleaning; for non-detachable dental implant handpiece, the pressure water gun can be used for internal pipeline cleaning.

II. It is recommended to use instrument cleaning equipment to clean dental handpiece

The automatic instrument cleaning equipment not only can clean the surface of dental handpiece, but also can clean the internal pipeline of the dental handpiece. It can achieve better cleaning effect, and the operation is also very convenient.

Experimental studies show that the damage ratio of using hot cleaning machine to clean the external and internal cavity of the dental handpiece is lower than that of the traditional manual wiping method.

III. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning of dental handpiece

You should avoid ultrasonic cleaning of dental handpiece, because in the cleaning process, the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic wave will cause a certain degree of damage to the bearing of the dental handpiece, thus affecting the life of the dental handpiece. It is recommended to wipe the surface of the dental handpiece with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

The dental handpiece should not be bathed in liquid solutions for cleaning. You should avoid immersing the dental handpiece in disinfectant and multi-enzyme solution, because the uncleaned residual disinfectant and multi-enzyme liquid in the dental handpiece will crystallize in vacuum, high temperature and dry conditions of disinfection pot, causing bearing failure of the dental handpiece.

Experimental results show that the ultrasonic free cleaning of dental handpiece can effectively avoid bearing damage, which better maintains the performance of dental handpiece.

IV. Avoid the collision of dental handpiece

The dental handpiece is very delicate, and it is afraid of collision and fall. You should prevent the dental handpiece from falls, and handle it with care. Try to put the empty needle in when the dental handpiece is not in use.

In the normal use of high-speed dental handpiece, the pressure can be adjusted to 0.21 to 0.22 mpa. The pressure used in low-speed dental handpiece is generally adjusted to about 0.30 mpa. You should select qualified standard dental bur, and use the dental blur suitable for treatment, while avoid inferior dental blur.

Inferior dental bur is often irregular with uneven thickness. The long-term use of inferior dental bur can cause great damage to the collet of the dental handpiece, or even scrap it.

If the dental handpiece cannot effectively cut the tooth tissue under normal pressure, do not increase the pressure, otherwise the dental bur will be deformed.

V. The lubrication of dental handpiece

Cleaning and lubrication of the interior of the dental handpiece is a necessary step in the maintenance of the dental handpiece. This step directly affects the performance of the dental handpiece, including its speed, torque and noise, and ultimately will affect its service life.

Before the dental handpiece is sterilized by pressure steam, it is necessary to add oil to the dental handpiece to avoid damage to the bearing and other precision components in a high temperature environment. After disinfection, the dental handpiece needs to be kept dry to avoid rust.

When adding oil, just 2 to 3 drops are enough. After lubricating, blow on the lubrication hole with a three-way airbrush, requiring safety pressure, cleaning and lubrication.

VI. Oil-proof and waterproof performance of dental handpiece

The carbon brush and armature in the power motor can be easily worn. If the mixed worn carbon powder, steel powder and oil can generally not be cleaned. The mixture will form a bad conductor, leading to the heating, insufficient power, speed reduction and other fault phenomenon of the electric motor.

Therefore, in the use of electric motor, the oil-proof and waterproof performance of dental handpiece is very important.

The correct use and maintenance of dental handpiece can greatly reduce the failure rate of the handpiece, improve the work efficiency of doctors, prolong the service life of the handpiece, and reduce maintenance costs, which is of great significance for clinical application and department development.

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