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Cleaning and Disinfection of Dental Handpiece Burs

With the development of oral medical technology, the popularization of oral hygiene knowledge and the enhancement of people's awareness of self-protection, the hygiene of oral medical services has gradually become an important topic of concern. It requires oral medicine to provide brand-new concepts, technologies, methods, equipment and business processes and specifications.

Oral needle direct contact with oral mucosa and blood, saliva, is a highly dangerous goods, the disinfection and sterilization of the batt bur dental is particularly critical, thorough cleaning of the dirt on the needle is the basis of sterilization.

1. Transmission route of cross infection caused by dental handpiece burs

There are two main ways to cause cross-infection caused by the dental handpiece burs: one is the surface pollution caused by the contact of the patient's saliva, blood, and debris during the operation of the needle in the oral cavity; the other is the retention of the needle in the texture during the treatment Pathogenic microorganisms, etc.

Dental outpatients have many patients, high mobility, high needle utilization rate and turnover rate. How to better avoid cross-infection is one of the important contents of dental care.

2. Cleaning of the batt bur dental

First of all, the used car needles are disinfected by soaking for 30min, and the disinfectant is 2% glutaraldehyde. After soaking, clean the textured part of the needle with a small toothbrush, and finally rinse with clear water.

3. Disinfection method of dental handpiece needle

Because the needle is operated in the patient's oral cavity and often comes into contact with saliva, blood and mucosal tissues, the selection of disinfectants is relatively strict. Disinfectants with good sterilization effect, irritation and low corrosion to metals should be selected. At present, we clinically use 20mg/L glutaraldehyde and other chemical disinfectants for disinfection of dental handpiece burs.

After ultrasonic cleaning, take out the small instruments, rinse the cleaning solution with clear water, dry it with a soft cloth, classify and distribute it into a special sterilization box for small instruments, and sterilize it with pulsating vacuum pressure steam.

The cleaning and disinfection of the needle is very important. Because it is related to the protection of doctor-patient health and the elimination of cross-infection, the cleaning and disinfection of dental handpiece burs is very necessary to promote the work of "one person, one machine" on the basis of the current dental handset using "one person, one machine" and the promotion of "one person, one special batt bur dental ", which should fully attract the attention of the majority of medical staff.

It is suggested to use a small independently packaged batt bur dental rack to store the needle for sterilization, which can ensure that oral instruments should be sterilized by one person, one use and one use, which not only improves the trust of patients in the disinfection work of our hospital, but also greatly reduces the number of times the remaining unused needle is repeatedly cleaned and disinfected, thus improving the reasonable use of dental handpiece burs, saving disposal time and reducing sterilization cost.

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