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Application and Advantages of Dental High Speed Handpiece in Extraction of Impacted Mandibular Teeth

1. Application of dental high speed handpiece in the extraction of mandibular impacted teeth

The extraction of mandibular impacted wisdom teeth, especially low impacted mandibular wisdom teeth, is a complicated operation. Traditional methods usually require hammer blows, osteotome to remove bone, and double-sided chisels to split teeth to extract the affected teeth, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive. , and more serious complications are prone to occur, but good results have been achieved since the use of dental high speed handpiece bone removal and tooth separation.

The use of dental high speed handpieces in conjunction with the extraction of impacted mandibular wisdom teeth has been widely carried out in developed countries many years ago, and there are also some literature reports in China.

In the above-mentioned literature, a 45° elevation angle impact tooth special handpiece is generally used. The handpiece of handpiece is short, thick, and powerful, and the angle between the handpiece and the handle is an obtuse angle, which is suitable for multi-directional cutting requirements.

However, this special handpiece has not yet been popularized in China. We use the dental high speed handpiece that has long been popularized in clinical practice. Clinical use has proved that as long as the special long drill is used in conjunction, the bone removal and tooth separation required for the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth can also be achieved. It has a certain reference value for stomatologists in primary hospitals.

The use of dental high speed handpieces for bone removal, separation of teeth, and extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, without vibration, significantly reduces trauma, increases the clarity of the operation area, facilitates operation, shortens the operation time, and greatly reduces the occurrence of postoperative complications and avoids patients. nervous. In particular, damage to the mandibular joint is avoided.

High-speed dental handpieces are used to debone, divide teeth, and extract mandibular impacted wisdom teeth.  Dental radiographs should be taken to fully understand the resistance direction, size, and mandibular second molars before surgery. The surgical area is strictly sterilized.

The impacted wisdom teeth of the mandible are removed by dental high speed handpiece bone removal and tooth extraction. The psychological state of the patient undergoing the operation, the degree of surgical cooperation, the time of the operation, the improvement of the operator's operating conditions, the reduction of various postoperative complications, and the severity of the wound. The healing status is significantly better than that of traditional impacted tooth extraction, which is worthy of clinical promotion and application.

2. Advantages of dental high speed handpieces

(1) Press-type needle changing method makes loading and unloading needles simple and fast.

(2) Collet-type movement makes it easy to replace the movement.

(3) According to the different demands of customers, two different specifications of 2 holes and 4 holes are available for customers to choose from, and the price is the same.

(4) Streamlined design, the dental high speed handpiece has a beautiful appearance, and the strip groove can prevent the hand from slipping during operation.

(5) It can be sterilized by high-temperature steam at 135℃.

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