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Best Selling Dental autoclave steam sterilizer -STD23/STD17

Min.Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets
Model Number: STD23/STD17
Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Xingang,Tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,PAYPAL
FOB Price: US $ 1400-2000 / Set| Get Latest Price
Product Introduction :
Best Selling Dental autoclave steam sterilizer -STD23/STD17
The BT-series Pressure Steam Sterilize is mainly applied by scientific research institutions and units such as surgeries, stomatology, and biomedical of medical units to make sterilization on compression resistance steam articles such as surgical instruments, stomatology instruments, dressings, glassware and injection instruments etc. The sterilizer adopts advanced microcomputer programs to make automatic controls on all the running components. The Sterilizer can make precise control on temperatures and pressures during operation and make realtime display to make the operation status clear at a glance. The product is provided with features of easy operation, precise control and completely sterilization etc.
1. Auto-locking
Close and open automatically.
2. Automatic programs
Sterilization is fitted with micro computer controlling system which could controlled close and open the door, adjusting temperature, pressure, liquid level.
3. Warning fault and abnormal system during the auto-detection and auto-sterilization process.
4. Vessel
Te vessel made by 304 stainless steel and without welding chink.
Safety valve: When the pressure of sterilization is high than normal value, the safety valve open and exhaust steam.
5. Safety of door
Double controlled by machine and air-water automatic. The door opens only when the pressure of sterilization is becoming zero.
6. Pure water and waste water bottle achieves internal circulation of air and water.
7.Type of sterilization modes are specifically using for different material.
8. Micro printer: Print the value of temperature, pressure, and time automatic after sterilization.

9. Vacuum drying system: The item could use directly after sterilization.

Autoclave sterilizer price Specification:

Working power: 220V± 22V 50-60Hz&110V± 110V 50Hz-60Hz
Input power: 2000W
Working Temperature: 5C-40Celsius Degree
Rated working temperature: 134Celsius Degree
Prated working pressure: 0.12MPa
Sterilization Size (Diameter * Depth): 250mm*350mm/250mm*450mm
Sterilization Volume: 17L/23L
Net Weight: 52Kg/57Kg
Sterilization Mode Prescription
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